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Loft Conversions in Hampshire

Loft Conversions in Hampshire

Thank you for visiting our website today and considering us for your loft conversion. We have a proven track record of carrying out loft conversions in Hampshire.

We have carried out work in a number of places such as Portsmouth, Havant, Southampton, Petersfield, Waterlooville and many more besides.

You may already have a clear picture in your mind as to what you want when you have a loft conversion. In Hampshire we've converted lofts for many purposes such as extra bedrooms, extra bathroom, children's play area, home office, home gym, "granny flat". With bungalows we pretty much double the size of the property with a loft conversion. Whatever your requirements we can work with you to provide a top quality loft conversion to meet your exact needs.

One of the great advantages people find when they have loft conversions in Hampshire is that it adds a significant amount of value to your house. You are taking a space that is just used for storage, or in some cases nothing at all, and turning it into a brand new, fully functional, living space. This will boost the value of your home considerably.

The other great financial benefit for people who have loft conversions in Hampshire is that the cost of the work is so much cheaper than moving! If you need an extra bedroom or two then it works out much better for you to get the work done in your house - rather than try to buy a bigger house. It also stops all the associated hassles and costs of actually having to move.

We are a small family firm and offer the complete service when it comes to loft conversions. To read more about our firm visit our About Us page. In Hampshire we have found that some people want us to do the whole conversion and even include the decorating. But others on a tighter budget prefer to do some of the work themselves to cut costs - which is fine with us. We will offer a solution that matches your own personal circumstances - whatever they are. To discover what some of our previous customers thought of our work please visit our Testimonials page.

We also work hard to keep the disruption in your home to a minimum - and for the first part of the project we work in the loft via the roof (so you won't see much of us at all for this time!) If you want to go ahead and have a chat with us - and just so you know there is no obligation after this - call us now on 0800-4488474.