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Loft Conversions in Southampton

Loft Conversions in Southampton

If you are looking for a company with a proven track record of loft conversions in Southampton then you'll be glad you've found us.

We've been converting lofts for over 22 years and have worked all over Southampton in places like Bassett, Bitterne, Freemantle, Northam, Shirley, Swaythling and Woolston.

But the big question you have to ask yourself is "why do people have loft conversions in Southampton?" Well the obvious number one reason is to create extra living space in their home and, for many of the built up areas of Southampton, that is very important. For a start it's much cheaper to add one or two rooms to your house through a loft conversion than it is to try to move up the property ladder to a new property. If you've got a bungalow you can almost double the size of your existing home with a loft conversion.

There are many different reasons why people have loft conversions. In Southampton we have converted lofts that have been used as home offices, bedrooms, play attics for the children, "granny flats" and much more. In most cases people choose to have an extra bathroom added. Like I said earlier it makes great financial sense as it works out to be much cheaper than moving. It also adds a great deal of value to your existing property; because your current loft storage space is a real hidden asset. We can really help you to maximise the asset for a greater standard of living and additional value to your home.

We offer a completely tailor made service from beginning to end. First of all we'll come out and see you for an informal no obligation chat. Then, if you're interested, we will offer you're a free quote and then it's up to you. We can accommodate entirely what you and your budget requires. So if your budget is tight and you want to do parts of the work yourself that's absolutely fine. Or, on the other hand, if you want the loft conversion to be 100% complete when we're finished, we can even decorate the rooms exactly how you want them to look. So when it comes to loft conversions in the Southampton area we are confident that we can meet your needs.

We are a small family company and you can learn a but about us on our About Us page. We work with the minimum disruption to your home whilst the work is carried out (we have testimonials from many satisfied customers who really appreciated this). In fact you can read more about this on our Testimonials page. So if you are looking for a company specialising in loft conversions in Southampton - then look no further! Give us a call today on 0800-4488474 or email us for an informal chat today!